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Get Rid of Building Rubble with Our Post-Construction Cleaning in Idaho Falls!

Here at Best Cleaning Group LLC, we know that a construction project is not completely over unless every corner of the property is thoroughly free of dust and construction debris. Because of this, we emphasize that post-construction cleaning for your property in Idaho Falls, ID is as important as any part of the construction process itself. With the property free of any debris, its true beauty is seen and the fruit of the laborers’ work can be truly appreciated. 

If you’re new to this kind of service, here are some questions you might have:

“Isn’t cleaning part of the construction contractor’s job?”

  • Yes, they are responsible for general clean-up such as getting rid of larger construction debris. However, they are no longer responsible for detailed cleaning.

“What kind of detailed cleaning is done during post-construction cleanup?”

  • It doesn’t just involve sweeping the floors and other visible areas, post-construction cleaning also involves cleaning the walls, power washing, vacuum cleaning, trim cleaning, threshold cleaning, and proper disposal of debris.

So you see, post-construction cleaning is not as simple as regular cleaning. Here in Idaho Falls, Best Cleaning Group LLC ensures that your property is clean and free of construction debris that may endanger you later on.

Now, what exactly happens when our company does post-construction cleaning?

Phase 1: Rough Cleaning

We remove trash and debris that cannot be vacuumed. After this, we will sweep and vacuum the area. We will also start removing the stickers from the doors and windows.

Phase 2: Light Cleaning

This is when the bulk of the cleaning process is done and where most of the cleaning tools and equipment are used. We will clean the whole property from top to bottom while paying attention to rooms that serve a unique purpose to ensure that they are cleaned properly. These rooms include bathrooms and kitchens. Every inch of the space is cleaned along with appliances and fixtures that are already installed.

Phase 3: Final Cleaning

This final phase of our post-construction cleaning involves removing fingerprints, smudges, and finding imperfections on areas that were already cleaned from the previous phases. Although it is the shortest phase, it is also the most important because every inch of the property is inspected to make sure that everything has been thoroughly cleaned.

With each phase of our post-construction cleaning in Idaho Falls, ID, we make sure that you get nothing but the best results. As professionals, we keep your safety in mind when we clean and that is why we scour your property for any stray nails and other dangerous construction debris. With us, nothing is left behind. Every part of your newly constructed property will be given our full attention. So if you’ve got one that needs cleaning, call us today at 208-881-2307.